1 Dravidian costumes and household articles 
2 The effect of implant age on communication related quality of life in Children with cochlear implants
3 Healing the Family Tree: A case Study
4 Error patterns in computation of children with Visual Impairment 
5 Analysis of hardening effect on Aluminum Alloys through P/M route 
6 Stress in Families of Children with Mental Retardation 
7 India’s Export of services during Pre and Post reform periods 
8 Non Formal Education – A Quality initiative for children with special needs 
9 Factors influencing impulse buying behavior among college students towards apparels in Tiruchirappalli Town
10 Body quotient with special reference to Siddhars of Tamilnadu. 
11 A study on consumer behavior towards Television Brands 
12 Hidden secrets of Dravidian Culture
13 A study on the impact of Television Advertisements on Branded cosmetics In Tiruchirappalli Town. 
14 Hybridity and its complexities in Caryl Phillips’s final passage and crossing the River 
15 Research Trends: With special reference to the “Journal of internet services and applications” 
16 A Study on consumer Behaviour towards green products in Tiruchirappalli Town 
17 Digital India program and its challenges 
18 Muthulakshmi Reddy: A social Reformer 
19 Attitudes of normal children towards peers with Down syndrome    In an inclusive Education setting in Tiruchirappalli District
20 Mandalas as a tool for healing in psychotherapy and in Religious beliefs 

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